Earthling Society


Earthling Society formed Jan 2004 in Fleetwood Lancashire UK.Original line-up consisted of Fred Laird (guitars, keys and vox) David Fyall (Bass and hair) and Jon Blacow (drums and percussion).

Influenced by the psychedelic scene of the 1960's and the Krautrock of CAN, Ash Ra Tempel, Popol Vuh and Amon Duul 2, The trio set up their own 8 track studio in the corner of a disused glass factory.

During this early incarnation. Earthling Society recorded their legendary lo-fi debut 'Albion' which became immortalised in Julian Cope's hugely influential 'Album of the month' section on his Head Heritage website.

Support gigs for Cope followed as did live appearances with Damo Suzuki, White Hills, Hawkwind, Groundhogs and Blue Cheer to name a few.

Since the debut, the band have released a number of critically acclaimed DIY album on Berlin's Nasoni Records, London based 4Zero and the cult vinyl of Fruits De Mer records.

Numerous line-up changes have restricted Earthling Society to expand its audiences over the years, mostly due to the the variety of miscreants that have come and gone under a cloud of egomania, self abuse and bad hair. Strangely the majority of these have been bass players! However, the nucleus of Fred Laird and Jon Blacow remains.

2013 saw the release of the critically acclaimed 'Zodiak' album featuring new members Kim Allen (Bass), and Neil Whitehead (electronics). A number of well received live slots at the various underground psych festivals cemented the group as one of the most original and powerful space rock bands in the UK.

2014 will see the release of their sprawling Meisterwerk 'England, Have my bones' which features a live rendition of the Alice Coltrane classic 'Journey in Satchidinanda'. The album is due out in summer.